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The Cursed Lands | Ebonystep | NightClan by hemat1te The Cursed Lands | Ebonystep | NightClan by hemat1te
Deputy tryout for :iconthecursedlands: c:

{Main Information}

Name | Ebonystep
Ebony - for his obscure fur colors, mainly his paws.
Step - for the dark paws

Gender | Male | Tom

Age | 35 moons

Season of Birth | ???

{Clan Information}

Clan | NightClan

Rank | Deputy

Apprentice | N/A

Loyalty | 7/10

{Physical Information}

Breed | 80% Oriental Longhair, 20% Cornish Rex

Brief Description | Muscular, long-furred tom with long ears. His pelt contains several shades of gray and has dusky black tabby markings here and there. Green eyes.

Fur Lenght | Long

Fur Texture | Soft, a bit curly.

Scars/Injuries | One long scar on shoulder and two small ones on an ear.


[ Traits Overview ] Realistic | Cynical | Outspoken | Non-Fatherly

[ Traits Explained ]

Realistic | Ebonystep is a down-to-earth cat. He thinks endless dreams are for little kits and apprentices, and that it is a complete waste of time.
He is the master of destroying somebody's dreams. If you tell him something ambitious, he will be like "Dream on, that will happen when hedgehogs fly!". He only stays with realistic things, something that can actually happen.

Cynical | Ebonystep has a sharp tongue and he doesn't hide it. He has lots of honesty, which makes him tell what's on his mind most of the time. But, those things usually come in a sarcastic and mocking kind of way. If he insults a cat, he won't apologize, he might even go as far as to mock them even more.

Outspoken | Never does this cat hide his opinions inside. If he thinks you're doing something wrong, he will say it, even if it brings up a huge argument. When it comes to expressing feelings, Ebonystep is very good at it, even if those feelings may be mostly negative.

Non-Fatherly | Ebonystep has a huge dislike of kits and young cats in general. He will only like someone who is mature enough for him. He especially hates loud, boasting brats, and constantly scolds them. If he ever takes on an apprentice, they should prepare, because they're gonna be given a hard time. He also sees mating as the biggest mistake in the world a cat can make.


Ebonykit was born to Darkrain and Swiftblaze, two ordinary NightClan warriors. He was the only kit in their first litter, because the others had died during their birth, and so, he was spoiled a lot.
Ebonykit really enjoyed the attention he was given, and so he began to think of himself as higher than other kits, and didn't make any friends because of that. By most, he was called "spoiled brat".

Ebonykit then became Ebonypaw, and was given a pretty she-cat named Pinebreeze as his mentor. He developed a crush on her, but soon she got a mate of her age, and he overcame it. Ebonypaw was very excited for his first battle with OakClan, to which his father Swiftblaze took him, and he felt such ecstasy fighting with another clan that even the scar he got on his shoulder didn't put it down.

However, few moons later, Darkrain gave birth to her second litter. She and Swiftblaze didn't tell their older son anything, because they thought it could upset him. But soon, he found out, and argued with them. He felt ignored and thrown away like a kittypet toy. He thought they lied to him on a bad purpose.

Ebonystep hated his younger siblings, he went as far as to attempt to injure one of them, but stopped himself from it and calmed down for a while. However, this grudge lingers until now, because whenever he sees a kit or an apprentice younger than himself, he is reminded about his parents' lies.

{Family and Relatives}

Mate |

Kits |
cool joke bro.

Parents |
Darkrain | Mother | Deceased | NightClan
Swiftblaze | Father | Deceased | NightClan

Siblings |
Wolfpaw, Timberpaw and Snowpaw | Younger Siblings | Unknown State | NightClan

Half-Siblings |


Other Kin |

_Sexual Information_

Orientation | Asexual ( but if he actually has a sexuality, he is probably homosexual, because of his hate for kits)

Turn-Ons |

Turn-Offs |
-Cats with kits

Activity | Nope hahah

Attraction List |

:bulletred: - Mates/Mated with
:bulletpink: - Active attraction
:bulletorange: - Dropping off
:bulletblue: - Now friendzoned/On good terms
:bulletblack: - Regret

:bulletwhite: - Romantic
:bulletyellow: - Sexual


Voice | A bit ragged quite low adult male voice. He would probably sound as a 40 year old man.
Likes | Thinking, making fun out of others, fighting.
Dislikes | KITS, immature cats, all those pretty and sweet things like flowers and such.
Fears |
-To become a father


:bulletwhite: = Unknown/Undecided
:bulletwhite::bulletwhite:= Positive Impression
:bulletwhite::bulletblack: = Negative Impression
:bulletblue: = Friend
:bulletyellow: = Good/Best Friend
:bulletgreen: = Family
:bulletorange: = Platonic Love
:star: = Respect/Admiration
:bulletwhite::bulletpink: = Attraction
:bulletpink:= Crush
:bulletred: = Romantic Love
:rose: = Lust
:heart: = Mate
:bulletpurple: = Dislike/Fear/Jealousy
:bulletblack: = Hate/Enemy

{ NightClan }

{ OakClan }

{ BrookClan }

{ Other/Non-Clan }
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Roasted-Torkoals Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014
oh god him and Mudtail will have a lot to talk about as they both have a strong dislike for kits (its rather implied for Mudtail but he does)
hemat1te Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
hahaha, it would be amusing to rp with them sometime :D
dazeq Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
omg ahh i like this spoiled brat so much-
such perfection
you can see i love cats like this

Eaglestar and him will have fun killing each other i'm sure of that //shot
hemat1te Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
glad ya dooo c:

It all makes me wonder how Eaglestar chose him as her deputy in the first place /shotshot

wait maybe she-
dazeq Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
maybe she wants to see how long he will be able to keep up with her-
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